'Designs by Divya' is an interior design studio founded in 2016, serving in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Goa. 

We are known for our creative ideas, practical designs, luxury & bespoke interior styling. Our turn-key process puts clients at peace of mind and makes home building an enjoyable process. 

Our team is passionately involved from conception through to delivery of a project. Along with designing spaces, we offer custom-made furniture, lighting & decor to bring in a completely bespoke experience.  


Spaces designed by 'Designs by Divya' have a unique feel and vibe to them. We draw inspiration from every industry and culture and put our own twist on it and make it trendy, relatable & uniquely creative. This process gives our clients the home they have dreamed of with the best of best materials and craftsmanship in the industry. 

We aim for 'WOW' factor in all our projects with our bespoke lighting, custom furniture & unique wall panels & textures. We believe in the magic of simplicity and how it can transform any space into a warm, aesthetically pleasing & serene. 

We love to combine old with new by drawing inspiration from our Indian culture and modern architecture and inventions. Our signature design element is wainscotings and groovings. We love neutral palettes combined with a pop of color or a print.  






Design by Divya design studio values delivering on what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it. When we can’t deliver on our promise, we notify all interested parties and we commit to a new promise. Integrity is at the core of how we operate. 

Creativity is at the core of our work, it’s the essence of who we are and what we do. Creativity is the reason why we’ve come together as a team and it’s the language that binds us together. 

It’s in everything we do. We collaborate within our team, with our clients, and with all of our trades and suppliers. Everybody’s ideas count. Everybody has a voice. 

We strive for excellence and we pride ourselves on quality. We emphasize great craftsmanship right from the early stages of design to completion of a project.